Alvar’s Journey From Trainee to Growth Marketing Specialist

My journey with Valve started at the beginning of August 2021, when I walked in from the doors for the first time, just a day after my birthday. The location of the office doors has now changed (we moved our office to Vallila), but to my delight, I still go through the office doors when Monday arrives, now as a Growth Marketing Specialist.

As a Growth Marketing Trainee, I joined the Kipinä tribe, a tribe full of digital marketing professionals. The tribe focuses on providing a full growth marketing offering for a wide array of customer needs. My wish was to get on board with client work as fast as possible, possibly around my thesis topic, account-based marketing. I felt that Valve was a great fit for my desires making the start of my journey very exciting.

After the busy first week, I quickly got rolling with working on our own marketing at Valve with our Marketing Manager, with the plan to move side by side to client work as well. Working on our own marketing deepened my knowledge and skill set, especially on HubSpot. After gaining experience in how the firm operates, I started moving according to my wishes quickly on to client work with interesting clients and projects. In my humble opinion, the shifting pace that a trainee can move to client work at Valve could be a key takeaway for any potential trainee prospect contemplating if we could be a good fit. There are a lot of trainee vacancies that have the equivalent work tasks of that of making coffee. The ones where you can truly develop your skills are a tad harder to find. Here at Valve, our trainees get a chance to develop their skills and expertise in the desired direction by working on interesting projects.

How was my experience, and what is it like to work at Valve?

In addition to the interesting and challenging projects, I’ve been beyond happy with the work community in general, but especially with my colleagues of our tribe. We truly are a bunch that I enjoy working with. The combination of interesting work tasks and the people that work here made Valve a combination worth not missing out, so I more than gladly decided to continue working here after my 6-month trainee contract ran out. In my view, Valve offers a platform of trust that allows for personal and professional growth.

To continue the previous paragraph, I’ve learned a lot during my trainee days. The trainee program acted as a fitting bridge between the academic and professional worlds. Now in my work, I can combine my academic expertise with the practical skill I attained during my time as a trainee. It is also exciting that here at Valve, you have experts in almost all marketing or communications-related activities, so if you want, you can learn a thing or two every day. So still, I’m learning and growing as a professional, which I hold very exciting. To conclude, in my mind, Valve is a great fit for curious and knowledge-hungry professionals.

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