At the Forefront of the Communications Industry, Surrounded by the Brightest Talents

How do you like the sound of a job where you get to grow as a communicator and work together with the brightest talents in the fields of communications and marketing? As the Head of Communications and Content at Valve and together with my multi-professional team we create effective communications and marketing as well as promote sustainability in our society.

My range of work includes for instance comprehensive communication design, strategic sparring of management as well as managing people and workflows. For times of crisis, we make up proactive plans to customers and at times of need, I lend a hand with crisis communications. A typical workday in my position looks somewhat like this: I start the day by writing a press release, then proceed to support a customer in the creation of a communication strategy while spending the rest of the day planning a workshop or perhaps sparring sustainability communications. Fortunately, in this profession, one receives feedback continuously on the value of the work done and to my delight our customers have been pleased with my work.

I find it exciting to experience a great variety of industries from public sector infrastructure to internationally listed companies. At Valve we provide our customers with a diverse set of expertise: marketing, communications, social media, visual design and all things digital.

As a communicator, the knowledge pool of Valve has opened an entirely new world to me: all the most talented minds are now my colleagues! Together we spar, support and draw on each other’s expertise to learn from one other. The feedback from my colleagues has been particularly heartwarming: I have been voted as the best co-worker and even the star player of the company!

Valve encourages everyone to develop in their unique direction. For example, in the span of four years my career at the agency has evolved rapidly: I’ve had the chance to grow as a consultant while also managing people in my team. Before Valve I worked as a communications executive on the customer’s side of the table.

As the Head of Communications, I hope to see people in my team take on assignments enthusiastically. Valve has a laid-back working atmosphere where everyone is free to be themselves, influence their work and take on as much responsibility as they like. We’re a decent, honest and happy bunch, and there’s always someone at the office to have a laugh with!

In times like these, communications experts are certainly needed. Communicators must uncover and clarify organisations’ positive aspects and most critical viewpoints. Furthermore, sustainability should be reflected throughout companies’ communications, as integrity and transparency will go a long way. Join us on this journey to create effective communications and marketing!

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