Claned and Wakeone to make Finland the number one country in XR/VR training andeducation    

Wakeone, Immersive internet service company, and Claned, a producer of online learning services, have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the introduction of next-generation education methods in Finland and beyond. The companies are combining their expertise to develop experiential learning.

Education methods based on XR (Extended Reality) technology, which combines Augmented and Virtual Reality, are ideal for training in complex and abstract areas, such as cyber security. They also expedite practice in high-precision skills, such as surgical procedures. Research shows that through hearing and seeing, and the related intuitive experience and familiarisation, people learn up to 26 percent more efficiently than with conventional methods. The new methods also utilize the opportunities afforded by artificial intelligence, by harnessing data and analytics to ensure personalised learning and the further development of training content and methods.

Claned and Wakeone will offer XR education-concept design and implementation, including pedagogical service design which is currently in high demand

Finnish education exports are focused on the Middle East, China, the Far East and Latin America, but the Russian and African markets are set to grow. Now worth over 3,300 billion euro, the global education market is growing by seven per cent annually. The education technology market is growing even faster, at over 20 percent a year, and is already thought to be worth over 100 billion euro.

”In 2018, Finland's exports in the education sector totalled around 350 million euro, but there is major growth potential. Over the next decade, Finland should be aiming at growth of a billion euro in education export volumes. We need companies committed to collaboration, such as Wakeone and Claned, in order to expedite research and development and support internationalisation. Finland's export potential is also promoted by our country's outstanding reputation as a leader in the education sector," says Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The next stage of the internet, the immersive internet, will communicate through feelings and gestures as well as images and audio. ”When we can sense and experience feelings in addition to seeing and hearing, we create a more authentic and impressive user experience and enable the tangible measurement of learning outcomes,” says Tommi Palvimo, CEO of Wakeone.

Claned has developed an easy, intuitive and learner-centric online learning environment that combines communality, analytics and artificial intelligence. ”We believe that a genuinely inspiring learning environment supports learning. We want to combine the best aspects of online and Finnish pedagogical service design in the new education method,” says Mervi Palander, CEO of Claned.

Further information:

Wakeone, CEO Tommi Palvimo, +358 50 3535 173,

Claned, CEO Mervi Palander, +358 40 7026 998,

Immersive internet service company Wakeone helps clients see, hear and experience more. Wakeone designs, builds and develops digital services with current and emerging technologies and offers applications and content for the virtual and experiential internet. Design, digital development and XR expertise are combined to form first-class customer experiences for our long-term clients both in Finland and internationally. Wakeone is a part of Valve group.

Claned is designed to fulfil a wide range of learning needs for all types and sizes of educator and learner: forward-looking universities, sprawling conglomerates, teachers and even individual students benefit from Claned’s powerful features. Claned Group was founded 2013 in Finland and launched commercially in 2016. Since then users from 25 different countries have joined our rapidly growing user base.

Tommi Palvimo
CEO, Wakeone
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