Dakar becomes part of the Valve family

Valve and Mediafactory Dakar are deepening their cooperation in moving picture productions. Valve has bought a stake in Mediafactory Dakar that is now joining the Valve family. Both parties will continue to operate as independent brands.

“In accordance with our strategy, we are increasing our content production expertise and seeking growth in moving picture productions. In cooperation with Dakar, we will be able to serve our customers in an even more versatile way and integrate the brands into a well-designed and scripted story in long-rolling moving picture productions, too. The need for moving pictures is constantly growing both with consumer and business brands. Branded content is increasingly at the core of operations, so our cooperation, which has already been tested in practice, will now naturally deepen into a partnership, thus supporting our strong growth”, says Isto Kannisto, CEO of Valve Media, about the background for the cooperation.

Dakar and Valve have already engaged in traditional production cooperation based on subcontracting for many years.

“The existing customers of the two companies will be served as before, but now customers have the opportunity to utilize broader joint expertise and service selection as part of the constantly growing brand building based on entertainment content”, says Dakar CEO Pasi Riiali when describing the objectives of the cooperation.

The customer benefits from a broader and more centralized service selection as brands can genuinely become an integral part of a jointly designed entertainment story, effectively generated content and distribution across various channels. The operating model streamlines and enhances the traditional way of designing and producing experience-rich and entertaining content independent of the channel.

“We offer brand builders a real opportunity to influence, enhance and control brand building in the versatile ways afforded by the moving picture. This way, brand target groups are also offered a more pleasant way of consuming branded content as well as spending time with the desired brands”, say the new cooperation partners.

Expertise in integrating creativity and technology is in international demand

“Dakar’s creative format expertise and efficiency in production have come into their own during the ten-year history of the company. In addition to recognized success in the Finnish market, Dakar has been able to distribute its program formats and content to the German and American markets, among others. This will nicely support Valve’s internationalization strategy that integrates marketing, communications and technology into experience-rich content”, says Jorma Maaninka, CEO of Valve Group.

More information:

Isto Kannisto, CEO, Valve Media, +358 40 189 7114 isto.kannisto@valve.fi

Pasi Riiali, CEO, Mediatehdas Dakar Oy, +358 40 552 8224 pasi.riiali@dakar.fi

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Dakar is a multimedia production company and marketing communication agency. Throughout our 10-year history, this production company has made feature films, TV series, and various media formats for Finnish channels and international distribution. Our advertising agency provides services in the corporate and municipality sectors. www.dakar.fi

Isto Kannisto
Partner, Motion
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