Valve reshaped its brand through a culture project

A united mission, way to be and to speak was built together throughout the spring. Finally, what had been put together became a culture that every Valve employee feels ownership of and can draw positive attitude and motivation from each day. Valve United was born.

Valve’s growth in recent years has created an in-house dream team with our versatile experts complementing each other and fueling passion. However, the rapid growth brought about the need to define a new culture within the company: we set out to build a concept that everyone would feel was their own and that would unite us. One with a common mission.

As in any working culture, we created strong symbols, values and routines for ourselves. We thought out a way to speak and to be, a way to confront another person, customer or coworker. Thanks to the new operating culture, every individual supports a larger, common goal and feels that they are a strong part of the community. A community called Valve United.

Our new culture and more detailed strategy are reflected in the new look designed by Valve’s creative team. It has been summed up in our new brand video.


Our story continues, now as an even stronger and more self-aware international marketing team that combines technology, entertainment and communications and that is motivated to always provide the best line-up for the customer’s needs.

Valve. Ambitions United. 

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Sara Nikander, Director, Brand & Digital

Sara Nikander
Director, Brand & Digital
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