Brand building

Every company has something that makes it unique and interesting. A strong and distinctive brand should be built on those attributes. Building a consistent, strategy-led brand helps you achieve competitive advantage that carries well into the future.

Valve Branding Toolbox

Brand strategy

A brand strategy that brings real competitive advantage requires solid foundations; information, understanding, and vision – as well as the courage to make decisions. We use a participatory workshop approach, because it is the most efficient way to create a recognisable and effective brand strategy.  

Visual identity

A credible visual identity strengthens your brand image and makes your company recognisable. Competing on international markets increases the importance of a credible visual appearance. We design and update visuals from logos to packaging materials, and digital applications as well.


An interesting brand has a memorable story. We combine classic storytelling to the possibilities advanced technologies offer. We create a brand narrative that gets people talking – and even excited –  both inside your immediate circle as well as in the outer circles of influence.

Brand rollout across all channels

A refreshed brand should be reflected in all marketing and communications materials in every channel. We make the process as fluent as possible for you by ensuring that all updates are done, quick and agile.

Why invest in brand building; surely product development is at the core of success?

Products and technologies grow obsolete; but strong brands stand the test of time. People don’t form emotional connections with products and companies – they are loyal to brands they identify with.

We have experienced brand experts, who represent the crème of brand development for Finnish and international companies, products, and services. We are responsible for the stories behind billion-euro global industrial players and local start-ups. And there’s no industry unfamiliar to us.

We use proven tools and follow systematic processes; to which we add vision and broad-mindedness. We know how to foster brand capital over time through strategic communications, design and marketing activities – in all channels, on all markets.


Sara Nikander
Sara Nikander Director, Brand & Digital +358 45 6735 577
Kirsi Nurmi
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