Corporate communications & PR

A great reputation is no accident. It’s often matter of preparedness and the outcome of consistent messaging. We help you determine the right course of action and turn hard facts into compelling stories. 

Communications toolkit 

Communications strategy

The role of communications is to help an organization execute its strategy. Together with your organization, we put together a communications strategy that paves the way for streamlined, consistent and targeted messaging. The outcome of the communications strategy project is a communication charter – a practical one-pager that outlines the key principles of the proposed strategy.

Responsibility communications

The law increasingly requires publicly listed companies to disclose corporate responsibility related business practices and potential risks. However, expectations around transparency are growing for all types of organizations. We help our clients sharpen their responsibility messaging, crafting positive stories and making sure that the needs of various stakeholders from consumers to investors are taken into consideration. 

Internal communications

When an organization communicates seamlessly with its employees, the more committed they are to the company, its culture, values and goals. Internal communications are put to the test especially when the organization is changing quickly. We help you tell stories that inspire employees and produce content that educates, empowers and generates discussion.

Crisis communications

In the age of social media, unexpected situations and crises call for a swift response. We help you prepare for crises by identifying their potential sources and creating action plans for minimizing impact. When there’s a threat to your reputation, our experienced communications consultants lead the way in crafting responses that put the organization back on the right track.

A trusted communications partner

Trust is essential in communications. Crisis situations are more forgiving to an organization that has built trust consistently over the years. Change is also easier for your employees when they know they can trust you. The same applies to us as a partner: trust is the cornerstone of a successful partnership.

One of the ways we build trust is with a high caliber team. Our communications team combines seasoned communications experts with the fresh faces of the digital age. We work closely with you to tell your story in a way that makes an impact, encourages dialogue and generates trust among the audiences that matter to you.


Kirsi Nurmi
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