Thought leadership

A thought leader is a recognized visionary in their field who influences the opinions of others. Thought leadership is built through well-planned, systematic communications and content marketing.

Thought leader toolkit 

Identifying unique strengths

Thought leadership is based on those strategic capabilities of the organization – spearhead products, services or operating models – where it has an opportunity to position itself as an opinion leader in its field.

Expertise proof points

There needs to be evidence that supports the organization's expertise claims. Proof points may include research papers, reports, articles, publications or public statements.

Consistent communications 

With content marketing, the chosen target groups can be reached through multiple channels with content that they find useful and interesting, creating a framework for ongoing dialogue.

Monitoring and development

Success is monitored through, e.g. interest group surveys, as well as earned media and search engine results. These indicators may be used to identify relevant content and channels.

Why is thought leadership desirable

A thought leader is a sought-after supplier, partner and employer. They are consulted, their word is listened to and their actions watched, which is why a thought leader may be strongly involved in shaping the future of their entire industry.

Building thought leadership means focusing communications and marketing resources in areas that benefit the entire organization the most. Building thought leadership is a long-term commitment and it means making choices around what the brand stands for.

At Valve, we are by your side on your journey to thought leadership from the first steps to execution and further development. At the core of thought leadership is a verified, unique story that can be put into words and demonstrated through actions.


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