Did your fair or event get cancelled?

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These challenging times have brought with them universal uncertainty. Many organizations are currently trying to work out how to deal with cancellations of trade fairs and events. The good news is that there are many ways to tackle this issue, and we would like to highlight a few options.

The key things to consider are the purpose and target audience of the event:

If your goal is to increase awareness and sales of a particular product or service, an inbound campaign is a good option. Relevant, valuable content attracts potential customers and helps you to earn their trust for future marketing activities.

Your campaign’s main output could be a webinar or an online demo about a product or service. Such an event could potentially involve hundreds of people. It is best to use targeted advertising in selected media to promote your webinar, launching at least four weeks before the event.

If your aim is to meet representatives of specific organizations so as to discuss their individual needs, you might like to adopt an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign. This works best in cases where you need to deliver a personalised message to a well-targeted audience. An ABM campaign can help to secure a meeting with a company’s key stakeholders.

If you want your target audience to see and experience physical products or equipment, then a virtual showroom can work wonders. Virtual reality (VR) makes it possible for your customers to get a close look at any new machine or piece of equipment. Your customers will feel as if they are in the same facilities as your salesperson and the physical product – up to 15 people can simultaneously inhabit the same space. CAD designs allow you to scale a 3D-modelled machine to a full view, or you can zoom in on a specific viewing point. If you already have CAD drawings for your product, it is surprisingly easy to set up your own showroom.

Even replicating the large trade fair experience is achievable digitally. When you are after maximum industry participation, information-sharing and dialogue, you can organize a virtual event. A virtually organized event allows for all the things you expect from the physical equivalent: a programme packed with different speakers, the chance for visitors to network and the opportunity for partners to showcase their services through virtual stands. You can still charge for both stands and guest tickets. A carefully targeted audience, along with marketing through social media platforms, will optimise participation levels.

If you need help with any of these models, Valve is here to help. We can provide the concept, content, technical implementation and all the necessary software to guide you through your event and make it a success.

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