Business design for the digital world

We identify digital opportunities across customer facing processes from marketing, communications and sales to your service production. With our help, your customers can broaden their horizons and define a strategic vision, to not only remain competitive, but to take their business to the next level.

Opportunities in changing markets 

New buying habits and enticing new offerings from aggressive new startups can change your market environment rapidly. We find and analyse the relevant market research and form a high-level picture of the changing conditions.

Identify digitalization opportunities from marketing to service production    

Opportunities for significant productivity gains and innovation can be found in surprising places. We learn where the value creation happens by analyzing your business and your customers. Ultimately, we recommend what to automate and how, and how to change your offering to complement the changes. 

Map out different business models for different scenarios    

Productivity improvements are always welcome, but sometimes the solution is in the new markets. Let’s find the possible new offerings and business models for increasing your revenue that is completely new, or which enhances your current services.

Put together digitalisation and marketing plans to make innovation a reality

Making successful business is not only creating innovative product or service, but the entire business model including processes, marketing and sales. We can make detailed plans for the most promising business models and scenarios.

Plan change and its implementation  

Too many times innovation stops at the concept level and never gets implemented. We like to see our work brought to life. Together we plan each step of the implementation of the new business model through pilot programs, trainings and communication strategy. 


Sara Nikander
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