Modern B2B sales & marketing 

B2B sales is going through a disruption: we can help you by building an effective operating model that brings competitive advantage and increases sales.

We will establish common operating principles for marketing and sales:

Content marketing

By offering engaging marketing content for the different stages of the path to purchase we can guide the buyer towards a purchase decision. Addressing the varying concerns of the key decision makers helps increases persuasiveness and effectiveness.

Lead generation

Increasing demand is what marketing is for. We help produce higher quality leads for your sales organisation by optimising conversion points and developing your lead management process.

Marketing automation

We can help select, adopt and operate your marketing automation system. If a system you are already using is not producing satisfying results, we can redesign the process to deliver full advantage.

Amping up sales

In complex B2B sales, the sales personnel and sales meetings play a decisive role. We can help you increase the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings by introducing a tool for comprehensive sales process development. We know how to enhance the quality of sales visits and how to ensure brand and marketing messages remain consistent in all contact points.

The perfect partner for Nordic B2B companies

We have broad international B2B marketing and sales experience. We combine business, marketing and sales, which makes us a valuable partner for Nordic B2B companies aiming for profitable growth on international markets.


Sara Nikander
Sara Nikander Director, Brand & Digital +358 45 6735 577
Joonas Rinne
Joonas Rinne Head, Digital Services, Brand & Digital +358 50 596 9335