Web & mobile development

We create beautiful digital services that are easy to use. Thanks to our multitalented team, all aspects from design and usability to business and technology are taken into account. 

We're with you from start to finish

1. Goal definition

We plan the big picture and help you set measurable goals. In addition, we define the key things to track after the service goes live.

2. Service design

Our service and user experience designers work closely with our developers to ensure the project runs in a smooth, agile and cost effective way.

3. Software design and technical development

We design, build and host the website. We always choose the technology that best fits your needs.

4. Analytics and continuous development

We monitor performance and usage with the help of web analytics. The same team will be available for any updates or further development.

Websites & online services

We mainly build business websites using WordPress. Our choice for more complex executions that require custom-made solutions and integrations is Wake Platform.

We also build campaign sites, company websites, blogs, digital publications and digital annual reports.

Web-based tools

We specialize in custom-made web-based tools and services. That includes online services, portals and other web applications with tailored functionalities.

Web-based tools we've made:

Mobile applications

We develop mobile and tablet applications. The apps can be native or web-based HTML5 solutions.

Applications we've made:

Wake Platform

Wake is a cloud platform for managing rich content for applications. Wake Platform is developed at Valve and most of our digital services are built using this technology. All of the content is stored in a secure, fast and scalable storage and can be delivered to all kinds of digital surfaces.

When the data are stored in Wake Platform, they can be updated in one place and utilized in multiple digital services at the same time. Content can be shown, for example, on websites, digital screens, mobile applications and digital presentations.

Wake Platform runs on an automatically scaling cloud environment. Services can be built on Wake using any technology since all of the data are accessed through APIs.


Sara Nikander
Sara Nikander Director, Brand & Digital +358 45 6735 577
Jaana Lemetti
Jaana Lemetti Head of Operations, Brand & Digital