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Digitizing the customer journey

The ease of information search, self-serving customers and the multitude of marketing channels are some of the factors raising expectations also in B2B marketing, sales and customer service. The customers expect that their individual ways of buying and other personal, sometimes complex requirements, are met swiftly – often even in real time.

The role of marketing is bigger than ever

Marketing is in charge of an ever-growing number of customer touchpoints. At the same time the marketer has a critical role in enabling and developing the opportunities for self-service.  Being successful requires a deeper knowledge and understanding of the customer, and a more strategic and business-centric approach. The ambitious and successful marketer is defined by the capability to harness technologies efficiently and the courage to reorganize the marketing function to work seamlessly in unison with sales, communications and customer service.


Amping up sales
In complex B2B sales, the sales personnel and sales meetings play a decisive role. We can help you increase the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings by introducing a tool for comprehensive sales process development. We know how to enhance the quality of sales visits and how to ensure brand and marketing messages remain consistent in all...
Content marketing
By offering engaging marketing content for the different stages of the path to purchase we can guide the buyer towards a purchase decision. Addressing the varying concerns of the key decision makers helps increases persuasiveness and effectiveness.
Data-driven marketing
We help our customers in developing, managing and implementing data-driven marketing. In addition to the necessary technologies we offer proven models and practices that help you capitalize on valuable data. We also help you with building the technical solution for tracking and monitoring, and in the deployment of reporting tools. 
Lead generation
Increasing demand is what marketing is for. We help produce higher quality leads for your sales organisation by optimising conversion points and developing your lead management process.  
Mapping the customer journey
The customer journey can be described as a process consisting of all the different interactions between the customer and the company.  In short: the customer journey is the full experience of being a customer. Mapping the customer journey helps the company to understand how it can serve its customers better at every encounter – with the right content...