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The most popular real estate portal in Finland

The Finnish real estate chain Kiinteistömaailma wanted to offer better services for home sellers and agents. A few years ago, they decided to revolutionize the industry and shift the customer service focus to the web – with superior customer experience.

The Challenge

Thanks to the upgraded online service that Valve designed, searching for property is now easy in all situations on all devices. The real estate web portal also serves as an efficient customer acquisition channel and provides a platform for versatile marketing activities and popular online content.

Kiinteistömaailman verkkopalvelu erilaisissa laitteissa

Kiinteistömaailma is a Finnish real estate brokerage chain whose website is one of Finland's most popular real estate portals. Valve has been involved in building the brand, visibility and web portal since 2013.
50 %
more time spent on the website
228 %
increase in contact requests regarding houses for sale
2100 %
increase in contact requests from mobile users

For Kiinteistömaailma, the online portal is a key marketing and brand building tool. It serves as a platform for versatile marketing content and enables the use of highly targeted marketing campaigns.

The Solution

To reach active home swappers, Kiinteistömaailma was the first company in Finland to introduce online property viewing videos to the public. The new format quickly gained great popularity due to the great convenience it offers for home buyers and sellers.

Valve is closely involved in the development of marketing activities, the online service, brand visibility and the creation of marketing content. The REAN model, covering the purchase path in full, is used to guide the continuous development activities. Analytics is used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing measures.


On average 50% more time is now spent in the web service.

Contact requests regarding houses for sale has increased by 228%.

Contact requests from mobile users have increased by 2100%.

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