Nokia - Bringing Internet of Things to Life

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Nokia came out with innovations that have the potential of transforming lives and businesses. Valve helped Nokia develop HTML5 demos that showcased many of the real life applications that depend on Nokia’s network solutions.

Nokia wanted to spark operator interest by demonstrating what their innovations can do - not only for end-users, but also for the general public and the environment. To demonstrate the benefits of Nokia’s solutions around the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Era Networks, Valve produced HTML5 demos that work on large touch screen devices, laptops and as a native iPad application. 

The demos’ moving images utilize both 3D-animation and 2D-graphics, and were created carefully in line with Nokia’s visual identity. Some of the demos also had supporting slide sets with additional details. These demos are part of wider set of demos that Nokia presented in MWC 2016.

Straightforward Benefits, Simplified Illustrations and Easy Navigation

Valve’s content designers collaborated closely with Nokia’s technology experts to develop storylines that would highlight key benefits and created simplified illustrations to tell the story visually. All of the demos came with content menus that made it possible to navigate between subtopics, allowing presenters to customize their presentations.

Demos around IoT showcased Nokia’s solutions for public safety, connected cars, as well as smart cities and homes. Real world success stories were seamlessly weaved into the storylines and were accompanied by illustrative animations. Under the Cloud Era umbrella, the demos covered topics like pop-up networks, small cells and network optimization with geo-data.

Valve’s longtime client and one of the demo project owners, Andrew Burrell, Head of Marketing, Network Planning & Optimization Services at Nokia is happy with the outcome and the collaboration:

I’m very happy with Valve’s work. The quality was great and the agency was able to meet my expectations – expectations, which had already been raised having worked with them in the past. But most importantly, we appreciate how reliable and professional the team is over at Valve.” 

Andrew Burrell, Head of Marketing

Learn more about Nokia’s MWC 2016 offering:

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