Business Services and Processes

Last we checked, success stories began with great customer experience. We offer you the right tools for winning big. 

Streamlined, hassle-free processes talk louder than fancy words. Running a thriving business requires developing new services and enhancing current ones. 

Pleasurable service design is always user-focused, hands down. With our advanced understanding of analytics and the right technical tools, together we help you find your key target groups and much more. Shall we get started? 

Wake Dynamite -  a Dynamic Ad Insertion Tool

With Wake Dynamite you can react to the reality of the current conditions in live broadcast, e.g. the weather, social media buzz in your commercial campaigns on television and in the net.

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Wake Excite - a Groundbreaking Content Tool

Wake Excite will change the way you see, think and do sales. No more slideshow presentations so you can focus on what truly counts – the figures.

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Our business services include: 

  • Service design, process digitalization, customer experience 
  • Digital services and applications 
  • Digitalization of sales, marketing and customer service, marketing automation and technologies 

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