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Marketing outsourcing
Looking to ramp up a modern marketing organization? Outsource the function to us and we’ll build you a team of experts. We can also take on smaller streams, like community management or content marketing. We’ll work with you to define relevant goals and metrics.  
Fill talent gaps with rightsourcing
We help you find the right people amongst our talented marketing and communications professionals – for the long-term or short-term, full-time or part-time. We are all ready to work as a part of your team, helping you getting the work done better, faster and at the right price.
Expansion beyond borders
We have a strong international partner network with agencies that can be harnessed for managing and optimising your campaigns for the local markets internationally. They know the media landscape and the topical issues. Moreover, they have the market intelligence and cultural insight necessary to make sure that your campaign messages resonate with your target groups.
Building an attractive employer brand
Businesses compete fiercely for top-talents with other industrial players in their field – often in European, American and Asian markets.  In order to attract the best talents the company must have a high profile, good reputation and interesting career opportunities. We can help your company in building an attractive employer brand with the right content, and by...
Identify digital opportunities
Opportunities for significant productivity gains and innovation can often be found in surprising places. We learn where the value creation happens by analyzing your business and your customers. Ultimately, we recommend what to automate and how, and how to change your offering to complement the changes.
Identifying growth potential -workshop
Management workshop focusing on identifying the company’s growth potential and in creating an effective growth strategy.  Workshop preparations include getting acquainted with the industry, the competitive landscape, the company’s business strategy, and available customer surveys and research results.  The workshop is facilitated by experienced Valve experts. The outcome is a practical plan and roadmap for...
Data-driven marketing
We help our customers in developing, managing and implementing data-driven marketing. In addition to the necessary technologies we offer proven models and practices that help you capitalize on valuable data. We also help you with building the technical solution for tracking and monitoring, and in the deployment of reporting tools. 
Mapping the customer journey
The customer journey can be described as a process consisting of all the different interactions between the customer and the company.  In short: the customer journey is the full experience of being a customer. Mapping the customer journey helps the company to understand how it can serve its customers better at every encounter – with the right content...
Amping up sales
In complex B2B sales, the sales personnel and sales meetings play a decisive role. We can help you increase the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings by introducing a tool for comprehensive sales process development. We know how to enhance the quality of sales visits and how to ensure brand and marketing messages remain consistent in all...
Lead generation
Increasing demand is what marketing is for. We help produce higher quality leads for your sales organisation by optimising conversion points and developing your lead management process.  
Marketing automation
We can help select, adopt and operate your marketing automation system. If a system you are already using is not producing satisfying results, we can redesign the process to deliver full advantage.  
Content marketing
By offering engaging marketing content for the different stages of the path to purchase we can guide the buyer towards a purchase decision. Addressing the varying concerns of the key decision makers helps increases persuasiveness and effectiveness.
Designing web services
Branding, marketing and communication all rely on one critical platform – the website. Our world-class websites and digital services are purpose-designed to deliver on our customers’ brand promise and optimized for their target audiences. We produce relevant, compelling content and offer your customers the best possible customer experience.  The wide-ranging competences of our multi-disciplined team guarantee that all...
Influencer engagement
The use of influencers is no longer restricted to consumer marketing but is a critical part of B2B communications and marketing. Its potential to reach especially young people is huge. The role of social platforms is in the center when it comes to human-to-human interaction. We use influencer communication in building expertise and reaching focused...
Communications and influencing
Trust is essential in communications and especially accentuated in times of crisis and change. With good and interesting communication, we help people understand, and by increasing comprehension we increase tolerance and trust. Year on year we help customers across pitfalls and finding consistent and targeted messaging. We help reach set business targets through inspiring and impacting, through creating...
Thought leadership – becoming of
A thought leader is known, acknowledged and visionary. With thought leadership companies seek to differentiate themselves and strengthen their authority. We build influential and systematic communications and content marketing using Valves own processes. We are specialized in popularizing B2B strategy, data and facts into discussions that address and entice the targeted focus groups. The competition...
Visual design – more than meets the eye
We create visual identities that people want to be a part of, that they recall and recognise. Identities starting from total makeovers and renewals into identities for distinct purposes such as packaging materials and digital contents. Valve is also well familiarized with strategic leadership and practical implementation of visual identities in global surroundings.
Brand building
At the heart of every brand is a unique promise that is delivered at every interaction and one that separates the brand from others. We help you find the essence of your brand, create the brand story and help you live up to that promise. Our experienced brand experts are responsible for the brand stories behind...