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Fueling growth

A company that doesn’t grow is dead. We help companies in identifying their growth potential and in paving the way for future growth driven by effective marketing, communications and sales.  We have proven expertise in international operations and an active global partner network which can be harnessed for fueling your growth. 

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Expansion beyond borders
We have a strong international partner network with agencies that can be harnessed for managing and optimising your campaigns for the local markets internationally. They know the media landscape and the topical issues. Moreover, they have the market intelligence and cultural insight necessary to make sure that your campaign messages resonate with your target groups.
Building an attractive employer brand
Businesses compete fiercely for top-talents with other industrial players in their field – often in European, American and Asian markets.  In order to attract the best talents the company must have a high profile, good reputation and interesting career opportunities. We can help your company in building an attractive employer brand with the right content, and by...
Identify digital opportunities
Opportunities for significant productivity gains and innovation can often be found in surprising places. We learn where the value creation happens by analyzing your business and your customers. Ultimately, we recommend what to automate and how, and how to change your offering to complement the changes.
Identifying growth potential -workshop
Management workshop focusing on identifying the company’s growth potential and in creating an effective growth strategy.  Workshop preparations include getting acquainted with the industry, the competitive landscape, the company’s business strategy, and available customer surveys and research results.  The workshop is facilitated by experienced Valve experts. The outcome is a practical plan and roadmap for...