What if you could offer your customer a chance to change their commercial message in real-time just before it airs?

Wake Dynamite is a new Dynamic Ad Insertion Tool for Broadcasters. With Wake Dynamite you can react to the reality of the current conditions in live broadcast, e.g. the weather, social media buzz in your commercial campaigns on television and on the net. 

Access your campaigns on TV or online and modify the contents of the advertisements with your browser. Prices and other content, product pictures or even voice-overs can be modified and previewed - just moments before broadcasting the ad. The platform does not limit expression in any way. Anything is possible.

See Wake Dynamite in Action

During Icehockey World Championship Tournament 2016 held in Russia, three different campaings were executed with Wake Dynamite. Advertisers or Valve's contact persons were able to react to game and edit commercial messages just minutes before it aired.

Marketing Assistant reacts to sports event and uses Wake Dynamite to edit commercial message in all channels.  

Dynamic Advertising Opens Up New Creative Avenues for Broadcasters

Ability to control both television and internet advertisement campaigns in real-time changes the nature of harmonized advertising on television and online. This combination of the reach of broadcast television and the targetability of online advertising is a winning one. The content is editable to the very last second enabling you to create campaigns that are truly up-to-date.

New Ways of Marketing for Brands

A Successful Live Broadcast Case: Bonnier Great Journalist Gala, Book of the Year  

A book award is given to one of the four finalists. The advertiser reacts to the news with releasing an advertisement campaign with the winning book.

Live Broadcast Case - Wake Dynamite User: Winter Marathon

Marketing Planning Manager uses Wake Dynamite to insert real-time leaderboard of a sports event to boost a promotional campaign.

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