Relevant Data Is the Basis for Successful Sales

Meet Wake Excite, the groundbreaking sales tool that will change the way you see, think and do sales. No more slideshow presentations on your to-do list (that is what the marketing department is for, after all) so you can focus on what truly counts – the figures. With the help of advanced analytics, Wake Excite keeps you on top of the best performing and selling contents and client meetings at all times.

Focus on Figures

Create nice and easy, client-specific presentations with ready-made content provided by the marketing department. The handy tools let you focus on what really counts: making more sales.

Learn What Rules

Find out quickly which content works and which doesn't. With the help of easy to understand data, you'll learn about the top-performing presentations and time the sales team spends on each slide.

Get Better Results

Rivalry among sales team members can slow down the information flow. Working together improves everyone's results. Now there is a tool, too.

Stay Coherent

Coherent communication goes hand in hand with great customer experience. Strong brand and messaging equal quality.

Get Excited: This Is How It Works

1. Pick Your Template and Pep it Up

  • Design coherent and elegant presentations using ready-made contents
  • Add finishing touches to your presentation with text, images, videos, sound and other dynamic elements

2. Share Your Presentations and Track Their Performance In Real-Time

  • Make presentations from your laptop or share them remotely with your clients
  • Cloud-stored presentations are available for everyone on your team
  • Track presentations and see if clients have received and opened them

3. Find Out Which Content Rules (And Learn How to Do Things Even Better Next Time)

  • Share top-performing content with your team
  • Use feedback from clients to improve your templates
  • Learn how much time is spent on the most popular contents

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