Crook’s Head - a dram like no other

The legend has it that Crook’s Head was a place where crooked, but fearless men had their last sip of freedom before being shipped off to a small island prison. 

Many of them chose a local dram, a grapefruit drink, that was as refreshing as the ocean surges at the rocky shores of Crook’s Head village.

Crook’s Head is a twist on the classic naval grog, only without the health benefits, this special blend of aromatic grapefruit mixed with natural flavours gives land lovers temporary sea legs and old dogs a whiff of the past. No one is entirely sure how dram first arrived on our shores but many guess that either former navy seamen or naval prisoners made the drink popular and it has been a staple for years.

As lemons and limes weren’t exactly the most popular of fruit grapefruit was introduced as they produce more juice for less money and taste vaguely similar. First rum was substituted with gin but as that was hard to come by a botanist made a gin like base for dram, another reason why dram is dram and never grog. To our surprise dram has never found popularity but we love it and Crook’s Head is a dram like no other.

So have a Crook’s Head and enjoy it while it lasts.

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