Happy Joe – the Happy Cider

In the beginning of 2012 there was a gap in the Finnish market for a better cider. The existing ciders were widely considered artificial and pretentious, and the market of mainstream ciders was steadily shrinking. Consumers craved for quality, the real taste of apple and a distinctive brand. As such a brand didn't exist, we had to create one. From the very beginning.

Target group

The target group was a challenging one: the hard-to-reach, quality-conscious and critical urban young adults. People who want to stand out from the crowd, revere the best ingredients of life – and are ready to pay for quality.

Happy Joe is born

The joyful and modern yet rustic Happy Joe was conceived after testing a number of different concepts. It hit off immediately with the target crowd. In addition to a catchy name and distinctive visual look, also the packaging appealed to the consumers. The glass bottle which distinguishes the product was created exclusively for Happy Joe. Many different varieties were developed in order to create the most delicious taste for Happy Joe. The product range was born including Dry, Oakwood and Cloudy Apple which was made of unfiltered apple juice.

Happy Joe was launched without TV and out-of-home advertising: instead of traditional push marketing, we invested in real-life encounters where

the target group could try the product themselves.

Happy Launch

In the marketing point of view, Happy Joe became the ambassador of happiness. Happy Joe was made simply because of there was an aspiration for catching the pure taste of an apple. The same principal applies to happiness: it’s often the little things that put on the biggest smiles on peoples’ faces. Happy Joe spreads happiness with aphorisms and idioms that highlight the simple joys of life. Little by little they spread in the Finnish cities. Every message was signed by Happy Joe - the Simple Premium Cider.

Happy Joe was launched exceptionally using a so called seeding strategy, without traditional TV and out-of-home advertising. Instead of push marketing, we invested in real-life encounters where the target group could find, taste and get excited about the brand. Natural places for such encounters were restaurants, events, grocery stores, social media and good quality print media.

Happy Joe was created when there was a gap in the cider market. There was no benchmark for it, Happy Joe created a whole segment for itself.

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