One Take Only

One Take Only won gold at Voitto, annual commercial film competition.

Voitto, Finnish annual commercial film competition, is designed to develop the standards of Finnish commercials, make it more valued and raise skill factors.
The competition brings together the advertising film production process and its key players; advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies and commercial television channels. The competition is aimed at a different production partners in skills development, as well as the quality of high-quality movies production. Valve's One Take Only won gold March 15th 2015.

General category: On Vain Yksi Otto - Only One Take

Advertiser: MTV Oy   

Marketing Director: Anu Perrotta
Marketing Manager: Semra Räikkönen

Marketing Specialist: Seija Hakala

Advertising Agency: Valve Media
Copywriter: Jotti Taival and Taito Kawata
Art Director: Jotti Taival and Taito Kawata
Tuomo Kulomaa (Creative Director)

Production Company: Valve Media Oy and Cocoa Mediaproductions Oy
Producer: Seppo Kerkelä
Director: Jotti Taival and Taito Kawata
Cinematographer: Johan Wasicki
Editor: Timo Montonen
Sound Designer: Karo Broman
Post-production: Cocoa Oy and Valve Media.

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