Rebranding as a path to thought leadership in contracting and e-tendering

What we did:
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When operating in the midst of global competitors, high-quality marketing is a prerequisite. Cloudia decided to place particular focus on its marketing and wanted a top-class agency to help strengthen its brand.

Cloudia asked us to renew the company’s brand to reinforce an image of a professionally-skilled, credible, modern, pioneering and dynamic business enterprise.


Account Director: Tarja Lähdemäki
Project Manager: Tarja Halminen
Art Director, Concept Designer: Timo Keinänen
Senior Copywriter: Mikko Eskelinen
Graphic Designer: Linnea Bellamine
Service Designer: Marius Lönnrot
Web Designer: Lisa Saloranta


Cloudia is a leading global provider of digital procurement performance solutions. Founded in Finland in 2008, Cloudia has been growing rapidly at the rate of +50% for the past 4 years.

Cloudia bw@2x

the solution

We refreshed the Cloudia brand, creating a strong visual identity and a fresh marketing and communications concept. The tone of marketing and communications is now based on self-confident claims and an appealing appearance.

In addition to that, we redesigned, their core marketing channel, to present the company’s offering and value proposition in a simple and visual way. Keeping the number of elements minimal and messaging concise, we brought the new brand to life.

“Expectations were set high when starting the cooperation with Valve. Those expectations were greatly exceeded when Valve came up with their brave, dynamic idea. We have received very positive feedback for our new visual identity, especially its brave character, clarity and professionalism. Valve succeeded in creating a visual identity that clearly stands out, sparks feelings and leaves a strong imprint on the memory.”Anne Riihimäki, Sales and Marketing Manager, Cloudia


The most direct results are a tremendous 32%-rise in website traffic and increased sales. The new visual identity has also had a highly positive effect on employer branding.  

Sara Nikander
Sara Nikander Director, Brand & Digital +358 45 6735 577