Nexterday - how to take the world by storm

What we did:
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The challenge

Key communication and visual appearance did not match the ambition, business imperatives and competitive landscape of Comptel. Product portfolio tone of voice, look and feel represented the very generic, non-inspiring conventions of the ICT sector.

The analysis: Need to out-smart and out-inspire the global telco and ICT target audience with key communication that captures the cross pop cultural environment they live and make decisions in. Also need to show Comptel is changing rapidly and it means business!

Objective: Strengthen Comptel's product portfolio and strategy renewal, speak credibly to the global target group in the big data business, inspire employees and reference groups from the unique business of their business, and improve Comptel's competitiveness at all levels.


Senior Copywriter & Head of International Operations: Markus Natri
Art Director: Timo Keinänen
Project Manager: Katri Kantola

Valve Motion
Head of VFX: Risto Karhu
3D Artist: Pekka Heikkinen
Motion Designer: Tauno Sillanpää
Sound Designer: Jukka Andersson


Life is digital moments. And Comptel is on a mission to perfect them. Every day, Comptel takes care of more than 20 % of the world’s mobile usage data. One billion people get their digital and communications services through Comptel’s solutions.

the solution

Comptel's tone of voice, visual expression and communication strategy was changed from the well-known Finnish-ICT firm's reference framework to start-up aesthetics, a yankee style ecstasy, and self-confidence in the world's trusting spirit that always wants to surprise.

Channel mix: External high profile events, high profile events, renewed customer focus materials, a dedicated webpage, social media, Comptel's own personal accounts and PR actions and events for industry publications.


The first year of co-operation and hard work culminated in the Slush week, when Nexterday North event was held, all new stuff was launched and the biggest marketing efforts were put into action. Affect on the stock price was shown clearly, which was the most sought KPI along the brand significance value rise. The costs corresponded to the budget of the big Finnish FMCG player season.

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