Finnish Forest Centre

From communication strategy to establishing a role as industry thought leader

What we did:
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the challenge

The Finnish Forest Centre strives to become a “trailblazer and forestry aggregate”.  This goal was stated in the 2013 strategy.

The Forest Centre came to Valve for help in developing a comprehensive, actionable communications strategy that would support this goal. With the help of a commitment-enforcing communications strategy process Valve has created, we ensured the communications strategy supported the organisation’s vision, values and strategic goals.  


Senior Communications Consultant: Sanna Haanpää-Liukko

Senior Communications Consultant: Kirsi Nurmi


The Finnish Forest Centre is a state-funded organisation operating under the guidance of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The centre promotes biodiversity, forestry and related livelihoods, and produces information regarding Finland's forests, related services and legislation. 


the solution

At the beginning of 2014, Valve helped the Finnish Forest Centre to develop a communication strategy that supports the top strategic goal of growing into a "trailblazer and forestry aggregate". The key elements of the communication strategy were crystallized into a communications charter, which lists the different target groups and goals, focus areas and key measures for strategy deployment.

Establishing a role as an industry thought leader became one of the essential focus areas in enforcing the Forest Centre's strategy. Valve helped the Forest Centre to define its most essential areas of expertise, carry out risk mapping, and identify key people who would take on an active role in bringing forth the expertise. Furthermore, Valve's experts provided the key personnel with necessary media training and helped define the tools and channels to be used.


Kirsi Nurmi
Kirsi Nurmi Director, Talent Dev & Comms, Brand & Digital +358 45 2719 559