Strategy-led communications on responsible meat production 

What we did:
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The challenge

Well-planned two-way communication is an important tool in strategy implementation. KHScan is focused on responsible meat production and the use of high-quality raw ingredients. Valve helps deliver this message to different target groups.  

Valve supports HKScan in planning and implementing strategy-led communications. The collaboration includes financial, corporate responsibility and internal communications.  


Senior Communications Consultant: Kirsi Nurmi
Senior Communications Consultant: Sanna Haanpää-Liukko
Head of Design: Juha Pohjola
Service Designer: Marius Lönnrot, Service Designer
Graphic Designer: Linnea Bellamine


HKScan is a leading Nordic meat specialist. The company sells, markets and manufactures responsibly-produced high-quality pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and foods.


the solution

The HKScan brand is based on the promise of tasty food, Nordic purity, high quality and responsibility. Valve supports HKScan in planning and implementing strategy-led communications. The tight-knit collaboration has continued since 2013.

Valve supports HKScan in crystallising key messages, producing communications tools and in planning and executing communications campaigns. We produce content for various needs, including personnel and stakeholder publications, corporate responsibility and financial communications. Thanks to our extensive industry know-how and versatile expertise, we can help HKScan in promptly arising and varied assignments.

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Kirsi Nurmi
Kirsi Nurmi Director, Talent Dev & Comms, Brand & Digital +358 45 2719 559