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The needs-based sales tool

What we did:
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the challenge

Finding a suitable insurance for your business can be difficult; the offering seems perplexing and an entrepreneur's time is on the card. The insurance agent seeks to understand the customer's unique needs in order to offer the most suitable insurance package, but so far this has been challenging.

IF P&C Insurance wanted a sales tool that would enable the agents to tailor comprehensive insurance packages, without any surplus. Valve designed a customer-focused service that breaks away from set practices and makes insurance coverage easy to understand for the customer.


Business Lead: Sara Nikander
Projet Manager: Marika Merisavo
Service Designer: Ari-Heikki Sarjanoja
Graphic Designer: Else Kausola

Front-End Developers: Kai Forsman, Sara Sytelä

Back-End Developers: Jarno Pitkänen, Reetu Mönkkönen, Timo Partti

Testing: Juha Larmia


If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. is the leading property and casualty insurance company in the Nordics with approximately 3.7 million customers. If handles about 1.4 million claims per year, over half of the cases are solved in 24 hours.

the solution

If's insurance agents were looking for a sales process that would be more interactive and which would allow for the customer's individual needs to be account for. Valve designed a sales tool that helps them find the best-suited insurance and makes it understandable even for the customer to compare different options. When insurance coverage is visualised, it is easier to figure out what it entails.

To ensure close cooperation and continuous communication, Valve's team moved into If's premises for the duration of the project. When the insurance agents and Valve's designers and technical experts were seated around the same table, it became possible to interpret law and understand insurance products well enough to translate into a digital service logic.

Now, If's insurance agents can provide clear, individualised insurance packages for entrepreneurs.

Customer feedback: “Now I know exactly what my own insurance covers.”


Logical and easy-to-use service.

Improved customer experience.

Pilot service launched in 3 months, full service available in 6.

Over 200 users in corporate sales.

3.300 customer need calculations performed during the first 9 months.


Sara Nikander
Sara Nikander Director, Brand & Digital +358 45 6735 577