Putous TV show launch campaign in 2017

What we did:
TV show launching  campaign
THE Challange

Putous TV show is a classic among Finnish entertainment programmes, and its DNA – the blue shirts, character contest, trial by fire and surprising, topical sketches – bring us together – to repeat phrases. The eighth season of Putous show started in January 2017 on the MTV3 channel.                                   The new season was built around an almost entirely new cast. The goal of the marketing campaign was to launch the new season of Putous, to introduce the new cast and to reach the target group as extensively as possible.


Producer: Annemi Kuusela
Creative Producer: Matti Elo
Project Manager: Stiina Hongisto
Editor: Jaakko Tervonen
Motion Graphics: Matti Lehti




THE Solution

We built a bridge between the newcomers and the experienced Jenni Kokander based on the old phrases that remind us of several familiar characters from the different seasons.

The phrases also reminded us that the cast has changed even during previous seasons. Remind us of the show’s humour, even funny by themselves. Bring to mind several different characters from different seasons, played by several different actors.          

Implementation was based on phrases that were presented graphically. The phrases were built with animations that were tailored for use in different media. The digital media used included banners, digital outdoor advertising and social media ad formats. The campaign could also be seen and heard on TV, abri billboards, print media and the radio.


Putous TV show  was a home run and made a triumphant return to Finnish TV with the new cast. The campaign’s punchy creatives and wide media selection (TV, social media, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, radio and print) reached the target group very well and successfully kickstarted the new season.

The first episode reached a massive 1.1 million viewers on average, and a whopping 1.6 million Finns tuned in to the show at some point in the evening. The show attracted nearly half (49.2 %) of those watching TV*. The phrases lived on in different media and showed that the new season introduced new ones – “Ae että!” *Source: Finnpanel TV meter study (overnight figures, Finns aged 4+) and ComScore Dax. Reach= min. 3 min of concurrent viewing.

Putous is a strong phenomenon on social media, and the eighth season organically reached 2.5 million unique users on Facebook alone. Social media allowed for expanding on the Putous characters with videos and pictures, for example, and also let people talk to their favourite characters. Finns also actively participated in the discussion on Twitter during live broadcasts: The hashtag #Putous was used in 26,000 tweets during the season.

Isto Kannisto
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