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Sub-Punk'd Prank  TV show launch campaign

What we did:
TV show 
The challange

The main idea behind Punk’d Suomi TV show is that famous person A pulls a big prank on their friend B, who is also famous. We wanted to emphasise this setting at the heart of our marketing communications campaign. Therefore, it was natural to take this approach to a marketing stunt.

The action needed to align with Sub’s brand and be faithful to the show. This brought about the idea of pulling a big prank; trolling our dear competitor and all of Finland at the same time. We needed to harness the stars of the show, earned coverage and the power of social media.

The goal was to attract maximum attention for the start of Punk’d Suomi, create social media discussion and make the mass media write stories about it. In other words, to acquire visibility by utilising journalism in a new way, without paid advertising. To pull a playful prank on a competitor and create positive buzz in the TV business which may sometimes be very serious. 


Creative: Jotti Taival
Producer: Akira Ahola
Social Media Producer: Janne Koski
Senior 3D Artist: Sakari Hakkarainen
Editor: Juuso Koski
Project Manager: Pipsa Roivainen


Sub is a rebel channel for viewers under 45, heavy social media users and the VOD people that offers brave programming, easy to watch entertainment and unmissable mainstream hits. Sub's channel brand and offering of new Finnish content especially speaks to pioneers and opinion leaders. Sub's channel team has the ability and daring to take risks and break down genre barriers, which allows for bold show choices and marketing stunts that even become newsworthy.

THE Solution

Since we wanted to troll the competition, we needed to involve a delicious, well-loved and popular format, which made Vain elämää TV show an easy choice.

The show has captured the hearts of Finnish TV audiences. What will the viewers think when Vain elämää TV show transfers from its usual channel Nelonen to Sub and features next-generation stars, such as Martina Aitolehti or Seksikäs-Suklaa, who are known to the public for altogether different merits than their singing? In other words, we wanted to do something that was sure to stir up emotions and create discussion among the press and viewers alike.

The implementation borrowed from the show’s playbook in pulling off a proper prank. In order to spread awareness of such a great “news item” quickly, effectively and credibly, we had to perform similar actions as we would if Vain elämää TV show were really coming to Sub. The artists were chosen because they had been tricked on Punk’d Suomi – it was now their turn to pull a prank.

All day long, the prank was by far the most talked about topic on social media and traditional media. The show received maximum attention despite the small budget.


The interviews gained a total of over 150,000 organic views on YouTube and Facebook. During seven hours, Sub’s FB and Instagram accounts gained approx. 200,000 organic views. Facebook organic Gross reach 150,000 and watching time in 82,000 minutes.

Punk’d Suomi TV show had a successful start and the first episode ended up being the fourth most watched broadcast for Sub in 2017. (7.4 TRPs in the 25–44 group).

Throughout the 10 episodes of the season, the show was especially popular among young women on the Sub channel and the early adopter VOD users on MTV Katsomo. Throughout the autumn, the show remained one of the most viewed contents on MTV Katsomo.

Isto Kannisto
Isto Kannisto Director, Motion +358 40 1897 114