A-series Finland 100 launch campaign: Made in Uusikaupunki 

What we did:
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The challenge

Mercedes-Benz Finland wanted to honor the centenary year of Finnish independence and launch a special edition of its popular A-series. A-series has been manufactured in Finland since 2013.


Account Manager & Strategist: Johanna Vuorensola
Creative Director: Marko Vuorensola
Graphic Designer: Jenni Puhakka

Folk Finland
Art Director: Kim Issakainen
Copywriter: Lasse Paasto
Copywriter: Mikael Bertus
Production-AD: Kikka Natunen

Cinematographer: Mikko Harma


Veho Oy is one of the biggest companies within the automobile industry in Finland and it takes care of exporting, wholesales and maintenance of cars and utility vehicles.

Mercedes benz

the solution

We wanted to differentiate from the various centenary year activities and also avoid the obvious clichés in car advertising.

Uusikaupunki has been the center of Mercedes-Benz A-series manufacturing for years. During its past the city has hosted generations of car builders and helped Finland to maintain its position as a forerunner of car manufacturing. In the centenary year of our independence we wanted to celebrate this legacy and highlight the professional pride and ambition of the car builders.

Mercedes-Benz aimed to reach especially women, whose attention is not often grabbed by the typical wallpaper of cars. We created ”Markku”, a 57-year-old car builder, whose dream has been to build cars ever since the sixties. We casted, picked up the right costumes, shot and post-produced our little actors portrait to reflect the sixties. To deepen the generation story we made also portrait of a car maker’s son who reflect this time.

To support the brand advertising which did not show the actual car,  we needed a tactical version of the ads. This version needed to highlight the extensive list of the included add-on equipment and needed to stand out. We chose the beloved aurora borealis as the eye catcher.

To finish the ad and to give the city of Uusikaupunki all the praise we worded the headline “Made in Uusikaupunki.” to stand out from all the ”Made in Finland” centenary ads.


Campaign generated a lot of attention in the desired new target groups. The special edition is still sold vigorously. The English-speaking phrase “Made in Uusikaupunki” has appeared in many  journalists’ texts written in Finnish.


Johanna Vuorensola
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