Best Fiends user acquisition trailers

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Valve Media and Seriously started their partnership in August 2017. We create engaging user acquisition trailers, that highlight and promote upcoming new game features for Seriously’s hit mobile game Best Fiends. The narratives have to be short, fast-paced and visually appealing. Every trailer is based on strong brand visuals and update related key art and game footage. 

The production of the user acquisition trailers is made in close collaboration with Seriously’s creative team. The work pipeline is optimised to be efficient and reactive, by connecting our design team straight with the customer. Seriously provides straightforward briefs for each trailer and give fast response on treatments and video previews made by Valve team.


COO: Tommi Palvimo
Head of VFX: Risto Karhu
Motion Artist: Maria Vilko
Junior Motion Artist: Kim Suponin


Seriously is combining a world class creative team with a mobile first experience to develop brands that can make a difference. Best Fiends is visually stunning, addictive puzzler that takes the mobile game experience to the next level.