Veikkaus Lotto

3D-animated promo series

What we did:
3DanimationConcept design
the challenge

How is life for the lottery balls when cameras have been turned off? We were invited to find an answer to this question with a series of animated shorts aimed to promote the weekly lottery draw segment on the Finnish broadcast channel MTV3.


Head of VFX: Risto Karhu
Senior 3D Artist: Arto Karhu
Senior 3D Artist: Pekka Heikkinen
Senior 3D Artist: Sakari Hakkarainen
Senior 3D Artist: Timo Muraja
Junior 3D Artist: Kim Suponin
Senior Sound Designer: Jukka Andersson
Editor: Janec Bachmann


Veikkaus Lotto

the solution

This was a wonderful challenge for us. What does the lottery machine look like from inside looking out? What kind of structures might fit inside? How does a lottery ball move, or more specifically, how does one dance? 

Dancing was chosen as the first theme for the film to align with another program showing at that time, “Dancing with the stars”. We began work on adding controls to the lottery balls to show a wide range of motion, from rolling to bouncing and twisting to stretching. We shot a 360 panoramic view from the studio set to use as the background and built a 3D replica of the lottery machine with one small addition: a funky disco floor! 

Stay tuned for more!


The first animated film aired on September 2014. We have since then created several animations with a seasonal twist and seen the lottery balls playing in the snow, enjoying a picnic, racing tiny formula cars, and, of course, hitting the sauna time and time again. 


Risto Karhu
Risto Karhu Head of VFX, Wakeone +358 50 569 3773