New Valve challenges the marketing and communications market with a uniquely comprehensive service concept


New Valve Group is the only company in Finland that combines creative branding, technology and corporate communications expertise in a way that suits all kinds of projects. From planning to production, both digitally and in traditional channels, Valve Group handles all brand, digital and communications projects.

Valve Group employs over 100 technology, branding and communications professionals making it the biggest company of its kind in Finland operating under one roof. Valve Group is exceptionally strong on the technology front. Over 40 Valve employees represent cutting edge technology expertise. This is symbolized in our brand slogan: Valve – Brand Technology United.

“We want to make sure that our clients can focus on the most important thing, which is improving their competitiveness through a better brand. When the market is in constant change, and the channels through which we communicate are growing in numbers, a lot is demanded from marketing partners. By truly integrating all design, creativity, marketing and communications under one roof, whether it be service design, print or TV advertising, social dialogue or annual reporting, we are there to help our clients reach all brand-related goals in a market where every thing has a digital heart and the range of options is nearly limitless”, outlines Valve Group CEO Jorma Maaninka.

The New Valve Group is founded on Valve Branding Oy, Valve Vanguard Oy, Valve King Oy (partly owned by King, Sweden), Valve Media Oy (co-owned by MTV Media and Valve), Mainostoimisto Konsepti Oy, Design Concept Helsinki Oy and Aida Consulting Oy. The group turnover is over 10M€.

“The B2B expertise of Konsepti Group, King’s B2C track record, Valve’s technology competences and Aida’s strong communications team create a unique player to the Finnish market that first and foremost benefits our clients.”

Experience and networks of international projects

The founding companies have vast experience from international projects and from global clients. Valve Group continues its cooperation with King, Sweden and the Dialogue International alliance.

Dialogue International is a cooperational forum comprising of independent, locally leading agencies from all over the world. Members include, for example, TWIGA from Russia, Envision from Denmark, Grenade & Sparks from France and öykü from Turkey. The unique competences and local knowledge of all the represented markets of Dialogue can be deployed to the benefit of Valve’s clients as well.

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CEO Jorma Maaninka, Valve Group
tel. +358 20 745 0216,

We exist to help our clients succeed. We believe in using the knowledge of over 100 professionals in technology, marketing communications and branding to insure that our clients reach their goals. It's hard to explain everything we can do, so we've distilled it down to our slogan - Brand Technology United.