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Creating strong B2B brands

Products and technologies get outdated; but strong brands stand the test of time. Strong B2B brands outperform weak brands, and marketing efforts of such brands are more effective. Professional buyer values the vendor’s good brand and reputation as it reduces risks and simplifies the evaluation process of products and services. Decision makers are willing to pay premium for the established brands because they make their life easier in the long term. Brands actually have an even greater effect in the purchasing decision than sales efforts have. 

Building a strong brand that creates trust and understanding and combining it with a great customer experience is the recipe for long term success. 

Trust and awareness of B2B brands increase through building multifaceted thought leadership. The most effective B2B marketing utilize communication activities to profile the company and its products in a distinctive way. People seldom form emotional connection with products or companies – they are loyal to the brands they identify with. Building trust towards the vendor´s capabilities can be built with communications that evokes emotions and offers help in the decision maker’s unique situation. 


Brand building
At the heart of every brand is a unique promise that is delivered at every interaction and one that separates the brand from others. We help you find the essence of your brand, create the brand story and help you live up to that promise. Our experienced brand experts are responsible for the brand stories behind...
Communications and influencing
Trust is essential in communications and especially accentuated in times of crisis and change. With good and interesting communication, we help people understand, and by increasing comprehension we increase tolerance and trust. Year on year we help customers across pitfalls and finding consistent and targeted messaging. We help reach set business targets through inspiring and impacting, through creating...
Designing web services
Branding, marketing and communication all rely on one critical platform – the website. Our world-class websites and digital services are purpose-designed to deliver on our customers’ brand promise and optimized for their target audiences. We produce relevant, compelling content and offer your customers the best possible customer experience.  The wide-ranging competences of our multi-disciplined team guarantee that all...
Influencer engagement
The use of influencers is no longer restricted to consumer marketing but is a critical part of B2B communications and marketing. Its potential to reach especially young people is huge. The role of social platforms is in the center when it comes to human-to-human interaction. We use influencer communication in building expertise and reaching focused...
Thought leadership – becoming of
A thought leader is known, acknowledged and visionary. With thought leadership companies seek to differentiate themselves and strengthen their authority. We build influential and systematic communications and content marketing using Valves own processes. We are specialized in popularizing B2B strategy, data and facts into discussions that address and entice the targeted focus groups. The competition...