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We are looking for curious and ambitious people with diverse marketing, technology, and communications skills.


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An encouraging team

In our friendly and laid-back team, we encourage each other. Your insights and ideas will be valued as everyone strives for the best possible outcome.

International customers

Many of our customer companies operate or aim to operate globally. You work in Finland, but the client might be located on the other side of the world.

Flexible and independent work

We hire smart people who take responsibility for their work. We have flexible working hours, which means you can also work remotely.

Having fun in good company

As we enjoy spending time with our co-workers, we often come up with fun activities. For example, we head out to play sports, visit art exhibitions, and have after-work drinks, among other activities. Valve also hosts team days as well as Christmas and summer parties, in addition to other kinds of events.

"The best thing about our team is that we have a wide variety of marketing professionals from whom we can learn new things all the time. In our team, everyone's work is valued equally, and you always find help if you need it."

Kaisa Aaltonen, Growth Marketing Specialist

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