Keva – Keva Day

An emotional hybrid experience for customers and stakeholders.


The need

Keva, Finland’s largest pension provider, administers the pensions of public sector employees and enhances their work ability. An annual event for Keva's customers and stakeholders, Keva Day is an important opportunity to raise vital issues in the field and bolster the organisation's thought leadership. For the 2023 hybrid event, Keva needed a partner who could take care of everything from planning and project management to visuals, technical implementation and catering.

The solution

State-of-the-art venue

Valve suggested Finnkino's iSense auditorium as the perfect event venue for creating an engaging experience. Our designers took full advantage of the impressive technical facilities – the 4K projector, the Dolby Atmos sound and the huge screen.

The event was flawlessly executed, giving the speakers a world-class setting to captivate and inspire the audience with their presentations. 

Engagement from the start

The event begun with a bang to immediately immerse the audience in the theme of the day. Experiencing the dramatic opening film set the tone to finding solutions for a brighter and more sustainable work life. 

The results

Keva Day 2023 attracted an all-time record audience of more than 1,100. According to attendee feedback, the event left a lasting impression both in-person and virtually. Not only were speakers met with standing ovations, but the Net Promoter Score (NPS) reached a whopping 87. 

  • 87NPS
  • 1,100+Attendees

Attendee feedback

"Thank you for organizing a fantastic day, which was wonderful to watch even from a distance!" 

"Standing ovation from the comfort of my own home <3"