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You are sure to have strengths (and even some hidden superpowers) that make you an attractive, distinctive and inspiring partner and employer.  

A brand strategy based on your business objectives lays a solid foundation for communications, marketing and sales. A strong brand is more than just a life insurance or an asset for your business. It creates a basis for sustainable competitive advantage and customer loyalty. It’s something to be proud of.  

As a result of our Valve Way brand strategy process, together we will find answers to questions such as:   

  • What is the most sensible way for your company to build a customer-centric brand architecture?  
  • What is the strategic target position worth conquering?  
  • What is your brand’s unique value proposition?  
  • How does your brand stand out, both in personality and in action?  
  • What place can your brand capture in the minds and hearts of the people who matter to you?  
    A brand needs constant care to remain strong and relevant. At Valve, the most experienced team of B2B brand builders in Finland is committed to looking after your brand and its growth at every stage of development – both domestically and internationally through our E3 network partners. 

    Valve Way - brand strategy services: 

  • Valve Brand Landscape Snapshot - AI-based snapshot and analysis of your brand’s communication landscape  
  • Brand renewals and updates  
  • Visual identity renewal and development 
  • Defining brand architecture and the roles of brands  
  • Name and nomenclature development  
  • Brand positioning  
  • Value proposition, message architecture and tone-of-voice  
  • Branding tools and guidelines  
  • Internal marketing and engagement  
  • Brand launches in a channel-independent way  
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