The renewed brand identity supports the new beginning of the merged companies and NYAB's journey towards cleaner infrastructure construction.


The need

NYAB, specialists in renewable energy and sustainable construction infrastructure projects, needed a partner to develop a new brand identity. The need arose from the merger of the Swedish NYAB and the Finnish Skarta Group in December 2022, after which the company adopted a new brand and the NYAB name in both countries.

The goal was to better communicate the company's objectives in relation to society, customers and investors. The client required comprehensive branding work, including website design and implementation.

The solution

NYAB's brand identity was redesigned to better align with its objectives, and the appearance and functionalities of the company's website were modernised and harmonised. A minimalist design was chosen as the basis, with visual elements emphasising sustainable and environmentally respectful infrastructure construction.

Separate images and icons were created for different operational areas to better clarify and highlight them. The turquoise colour from Skarta's previous brand identity was incorporated along with the NYAB name. The colour scheme was centred around a refreshing turquoise, complemented by an electric green signalling eco-friendliness and future energy solutions. A bilingual brand book was produced for both the Finnish and Swedish offices, with comprehensive examples of applications for different needs added to the guidelines.

The technical WordPress implementation was done in stages due to the tight deadline. First, we audited the existing website and reused some of its components on the site to launch the new brand. In the second phase, we rebuilt much of the functionality and upgraded the site to WordPress’s default Gutenberg editor.

The results 

The new brand was warmly welcomed at NYAB. The revamp addressed the need for change, which was strongly emphasised in internal discussions. The fresh colour palette, logo and identity now effectively convey the company's story and the goal of building a cleaner future. Despite the tight schedule, close collaboration and precise project management ensured the project was completed successfully.

Customer feedback

"The new brand identity has been well-received by NYAB employees amidst all the changes. We strive to keep our staff well-informed about the upcoming changes and collected feedback and wishes through surveys and discussions. On the launch day, we celebrated the new brand with cake and coffee at all our offices in Finland and Sweden, giving our staff the opportunity to be part of the journey of change."

Minna Koistinen, Communications and Marketing Director