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Our Story

Our story began in 2000 when the first internet bubble was about to burst. A group of 11 youngsters decided to take a risk and set up an agency focusing on quality rather than jargon: Valve was born.

Valve took making things to a new level very quickly. It was the first in Finland that was able to deliver international quality in rich media, audiovisual interactive solutions, and everything about it was very much about the spirit of getting things done - it was about passion for creating the best user experiences by grand design and experimenting with the finesses of fast evolving internet and gaming technologies.

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Since then, much has happened, and Valve has grown to a multi-disciplinary digital marketing agency. True to our roots in design and technology, we are today 100+ specialists digitalising commercial experiences, building brands, and bridging marketing and sales with the best user experience still our passion.

Our promise is to create the buying experiences you would love to experience yourself, and we aim to be the top name in B2B marketing transformation in Europe serving growth companies, large enterprises and public sector organisations alike. 

We are part of Valve Group Oy. Other group companies are our subsidiary, moving images producer Filmbutik, and the associated companies, advertising agency Folk Finland and digital concept testing company Cambri.

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We want to be good corporate citizens, and the partner for the future. It means that we know our impacts on people and the planet and work systematically to minimise the negative impacts and increase positive impacts.  

We evaluated our impacts and material sustainability issues in 2022 through a stakeholder dialogue among our employees, clients and owners. As we are in the business of providing digital marketing services, our sustainability issues are mostly related to social responsibility: wellbeing of employees, quality of customer service and customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices.

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Helping our clients to combat climate change, and cyber security are the material environmental and governance issues. Our ESG program outlines concrete actions to address these issues, with regular reviews to ensure relevance. The next stakeholder dialogue is planned for 2024. 

We continuously monitor the discussion and legislation, develop our services, and train our people in sustainability. Discover how we integrate sustainability into our marketing services and join us in creating a better future. 



100+ employees

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>90% customer satisfaction More than 90% of our customers say they are satisfied and have benefited from working with Valve. (Feelback Survey 2023)

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