Bridging marketing and sales for excellent buying experiences

Sales and marketing departments often don’t partner well. But for the company to succeed in the new digital-first sales environment, marketing and sales must be fully aligned and work towards common goals. 

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Common goals and objectives

Both marketing and sales teams should have a clear understanding of the company's overall objectives and how their roles contribute to those goals.  

We help you align sales and marketing by: 

  • agreeing on common goals, processes and work methods. 
  • develop a shared understanding of the ideal customer profile. 
  • agree on lead qualification criteria. 
  • setting up data analytics for measuring KPIs along the buyer journey. 
  • providing ongoing training and support for both marketing and sales.



Develop integrated campaigns 

Marketing campaigns should support the sales process and align with the buyer's journey. Ensure that marketing materials, content, and messaging resonate with the target audience and provide value at each stage of the sales funnel. 

We help you with: 

  • creative marketing concepts.
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM). 
  • digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, LinkedIn and media buying.

Events that support the buyer's journey  

Trade fairs and events play a significant role in the B2B buyer journey by providing opportunities for buyers to get to know new products or services, engage with potential suppliers, and generate leads. Their success depends on close alignment between marketing and sales teams. Ensure that you make the most of your events and that you understand their role in the customer journey. 

We help you with: 

  • event planning and full-service production: live, hybrid and online events.
  • stunning content that audience engage with. 
  • invitation process and lead generation using your CRM and marketing automation tools. 

Valve way – the smarter way

Aligning brand building with sales strategies ensures that all customer touchpoints are consistent and reinforce the brand message. This alignment enhances the overall customer experience, making it easier to convert leads into sales and foster long-term relationships. 
Aligning marketing and sales
  • We ensure a consistent customer experience that helps convert leads into sales and foster long-term relationships by aligning brand building with sales strategies.
  • We achieve this through Valve Way, our operating model based on smart, continuously learning marketing. Valve Way puts all our industry knowledge, technology expertise and creativity to work for you.

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Valve is a joy to work with from start to finish. They always deliver on deadline with quality and reliability and add those creative extra special elements that make our projects resonate with customers.

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