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To thrive in the digital world, you need a strong brand and presence in the digital channels. The stronger the brand in the minds of customers, the more trust it generates. And what better than the trust of your target audience to help grow? For most of our clients, growth is the goal – be it in terms of visibility, recognition, market share, or sales. A strong brand creates the basis for effective growth marketing.

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A strong brand is always based on real strengths and relevance. In a world of more and more messages and less and less time, only companies that can communicate their value to their customers in every encounter will succeed. 


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The visual identity needs to be in line with the value proposition, easily identified and easy to use in tactical marketing. A coherent visual brand is important when building the brand experience through all the different channels. 

Your brand is an asset in the hearts of your customers

Let's grow its impact together!

A brand needs constant care to remain strong and relevant. At Valve, the most experienced team of B2B brand builders in Finland is committed to looking after your brand and its growth at every stage of development – both domestically and internationally through our E3 network partners. 

  • We crystallise the value proposition that forms the core of your brand strategy, conveying your significance. 
  • We create a concept, messages, and define a corporate identity that communicates your value proposition in a distinctive manner. 
  • We help fine-tune critical touchpoints in the buying journey to align with your brand. 
  • We do redesign taking all the different use cases into account. 
  • We design and execute impactful brand marketing to generate growth and long-term customer loyalty. 

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Pauliina Kuokka
Director, Customer Success


Valve is supporting us in our growth and scale up journey. As a CEO I especially appreciate the active approach Martyna and the team are constantly taking to find new growth angles. Our goal is to grow our sales qualified leads by 70% in 6 months and it looks like we are getting there!

Teppo Kattilakoski
CEO of Granite Partners

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