Growth through close marketing collaboration


The need 

Casambi is a market-leading provider of lighting control systems whose solutions are found globally in over 100 000 locations, such as BBC's offices, Porsche dealers and the 2,000-year-old Domus Aurea in Rome.  

To reach their ambitious growth goals, Casambi needed an agile partner with a knack for a variety of digital tools to boost their marketing. 

The key target groups for Casambi are lighting and electrical planners, component manufacturers and architects.

The solution

The partnership started as a visual identity and website revamp and expanded to full-service marketing collaboration including HubSpot CRM, automation, data analytics and events. 

The first steps were to repolish the visual identity and renew the website. In addition to a full visual facelift of, we did some work under the hood to improve the user interface.  

Our team got working together with Casambi’s experts smoothly, which paved the way for nailing down things that would help Casambi achieve their growth targets - brand development, increasing awareness and optimising sales.  

The solution

We helped Casambi achieve their growth targets in brand development, increasing awareness and optimising sales.  

The results

Agile development and close communication with Casambi have allowed us to build the website piece by piece. Now, after two years of collaboration, we work in a flexible design ecosystem that enables quick and easy creation of new components, templates and database filters. 

Once the basics had been taken care of, the day-to-day shifted towards supporting marketing automation, customer relationship management, crystallising marketing and sales data, and event production.

Success story

Casambi Summit 

Event production, visual identity design and marketing.

Virtual event in multiple time zones.
Multichannel marketing: e-mail campaign, 3-week ad campaign

  • 77countries 
  • 2 869 participants
Casambi Summit picture 2