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Captivate your audience, open connections and generate trust. Marketing and communications allow your brand to nurture relationships with the relevant people. With impactful content and a thoughtful presence, you can turn your strategy into actions, achieve your goals and build your reputation. Understanding media channels and recognising technological possibilities help you get your message across now and in the future.

Bright ideas light up the world and change mindsets, attitudes and actions. When you strip away the background noise, the essentials crystallise into a diamond core.

Reputation management

Consistent, long-term brand building and reputation management will be rewarded. When you bring our experts on board as part of your team, you will be able to develop marketing and communications that are seen and heard. Brand work can contain anything from strategic service design and paths to concrete tone-of-voice examples and core messages.

Brand and reputation management menu:
  • brand creation and renewals
  • value propositions and core messages
  • thought leadership
  • responsibility communication
  • message hierarchy
  • slogan creation and name design
  • employer image
  • service design

Impactful content

In the vast flow of information, your content needs to be spot on. Great content not only stands out, captivates and evokes emotions, but provides useful information and insights. We will bring your story alive through creativity and content relevant to your target group.

Tools for making an impact:
  • marketing concepts and campaign creation
  • social media content, blogs and articles
  • video concepts and scripts
  • podcasts and speeches
  • editing and language maintenance

Media skills

Impactful media communications consist of careful preparation and taking part in the conversation.

Do you know how to feed the press with the right messages and act in a time of crisis? We can help you avoid the pitfalls of interview situations and create crisis communications plans.

Might you need help with these?
  • press releases 
  • media monitoring
  • media events
  • media training
  • crisis communications guidelines and training

Saana Heittola
Saana Heittola

Head of Marketing Communications, Art Director