Valve SCOPE™ – an AI‑based brand audit

In times of change, whether due to new strategies, products, markets, or organizational changes, assessing brand awareness and perception is crucial for strategic growth. Valve SCOPE™ provides comprehensive insights into your brand’s performance against competitors, helping you make informed decisions.


A Strategic Approach

Our brand strategy development process uses the AI-based Valve SCOPE™ of a brand's performance against its competitors providing

  • an unbiased outside-in view of your brand’s awareness, perception, sentiment and competitive position in the digital landscape.
  • an understanding of how well your brand resonates among your selected target groups.

Comprehensive market analysis

  • Media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and visibility metrics.
  • Evaluation of brand positioning and strengths through detailed market insights.


What you'll get

As your key deliverable, you will receive a comprehensive report featuring

  • insight for evaluating your perceived brand strengths and positioning potential
  • conclusions and proposals for further development of your brand.

Advanced SCOPE™ Features

  • Extended modules including interviews, client and internal questionnaires, and PEST analysis.
  • Tailored frameworks to suit specific business needs and goals.

Let us help you!

A strong brand and thought leadership is not something that can be achieved  by simply publishing individual blog posts or white papers. It requires a strategic and consistent approach that aligns with your brand values, goals, and vision.

We help you to develop and implement your thought leadership strategy and content and help you to become the go-to brand in your field. Contact us today and let us help you to unleash your thought leadership potential.

Ready to make your brand stand out?

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Kirsi Nurmi
Director, Senior Consultant

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