Tuxera – Enterprise & Embedded solutions suite

A captivating visual presentation of complex tech solutions captivated potential customers at trade shows and made it easier for them to understand Tuxera's products.

The need

Tuxera manufactures data storage and processing solutions tailored for mission-critical applications. These are high-tech software and hardware solutions that can be challenging to present in an engaging manner without proper context. Tuxera wanted a partner to simplify the product narrative and bring these solutions to practical scenarios, making it easy for customers to grasp the solution’s application and intricacies.

Tuxera needed visually appealing content that would attract visitors from a distance at trade shows. Our goal was to create content that would draw customers in and initiate discussions without delving into the technical details.

The solution

Valve's VFX team created a digital world aligned with Tuxera's brand that showcased the products in a striking manner. We developed starting points for Enterprise and Embedded solutions, enabling easy navigation to each individual solution. These solutions were presented following a challenges-to-solutions model, with QR codes directing users to further information on Tuxera's website.

The presentation platform was based on our own HTML5 modular framework, which can be used both online and offline.

The results

The product has performed as anticipated at various trade shows, and the feedback from the customers has been overwhelmingly positive!

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