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Holistic design approach dwells deep into human senses, experiences and emotions. The more senses your brand can trigger, the more likely it is to be noticed and remembered. And the more alert you are to your audience’s aspirations, the more likely they are to engage.   

Good design comes from a culture that fosters user-centredness, creativity, collaboration, smart technology, continuous learning and responsibility. An environment in which different players can thrive and develop together is capable of delivering impactful solutions and results – results that are tightly linked to set business or societal goals.   

Our designers’ core mission is to investigate whether your brand reflects your organisation’s strategy, personality and values, and whether there’s a chance that your marketing communications may conflict with your actions. You also need to regularly check with your target audience how your brand looks, feels and sounds – is it understandable, likeable, credible, attractive, relevant or persuasive? 

A coherent image creates harmony  

Your organisation’s logo is the single most visible element of your visual identity. At its best, it provides the code for your entire design system.  

Visual identity covers everything one can see. It sets the mood, defines shapes and forms, selects styles, adjusts colours and lays out texts. A successful identity immediately conveys what industry you are in and who your products or services are made for. It also reflects positively on your personnel’s confidence as they can all become brand ambassadors and experience a stronger sense of belonging. These are the reasons why we’re so excited to take on all kinds of corporate identity makeovers, big and small.   

We’ll also help you manage the practicalities of the roll-out of the identity materials. You will receive clear and user-friendly guidelines to ensure that the new look is carried out as planned and is a source of joy and pride for its users.   

Our typical visual identity projects include:  
  • project and programme identities  
  • event identities  
  • product and service identities   
  • website visuals  
  • full corporate identity projects 

Visual design  

A well-designed and managed look co-exists with your target audience and is sensitive to any surrounding changes. If sustainability is at the heart of your strategy, we will design materials to support your cause. If you aim for international thought leadership, we’ll help you scale your presence to cover the global arena. If your product or service promises an unprecedented experience, we’ll focus on creating a campaign that stands out from the information overload, making your target audience click, swipe and play. 

Our typical design projects include:   
  • visual identity applications and guidelines   
  • design and implementation of brand imagery (with photographers or image banks)   
  • video storyboarding and animation  
  • multi-channel marketing and citizen communication campaigns   
  • project communication materials   
  • visual and component design for websites   
  • event materials   
  • printed and e-publications, reports, brochures, newsletters   
  • digital presentation materials  

Easy brand management and transparency    

A design system is an open and shared online resource bank that adapts easily to rapidly changing digital environments. It provides all the necessary brand tools and guidelines enabling every employee and key communications partner to become part of the brand management process.   

An inviting and easy-to-understand design system streamlines the design process and provides quality building blocks to maintain a consistent image. A comprehensive library of styles, components and materials is ideally suited not only for marketing communications, but also for product and service development. Once the basics are clearly defined, time is freed up for project-specific creativity. 

Design, management, production, training    

Good design supports clear and accessible communication to organisations and citizens. High-quality marketing communication materials inspire confidence.   

Where beauty is subjective, good design is above all functional. We combine universal design principles with curious creativity and passion. Our experts like to look at issues broadly and deeply, and draw on all the dimensions of design.   

Let’s encourage each other with new thoughts and approaches! Open collaboration and sharing of ideas between teams and contributors is key to working effectively. Continuous use of data and technology, prototypes and user feedback are the smartest way to improve the brand experience.   

At the heart of our expertise:  
  • Graphic design   
  • Building a design system   
  • Data visualisation   
  • Visual storytelling (presentations, videos, animation, VFX, 3D)   
  • UI and UX design   
  • Service design  
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