Digitalise your commercial experience

The way buyers research, evaluate, and make purchasing decisions has changed. This change in buyer behaviour is a key driver prompting B2B marketing transformation. 

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Understand your customers and formulate your digital strategy

We will help you to identify and create buyer personas to understand the needs, challenges, and behaviours of your target audience. We will map the current customer journey to identify all touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for digital engagement. 

We will help to formulate your digital strategy and define clear, measurable objectives for what you want to achieve with digitaliszation. We will evaluate your current technology stack and identify the need for new technologies (CRM systems, marketing automation, analytics tools). 


Implement and optimise digital touchpoints 

To engage and build trust in a digital world with no human interactions, every touchpoint needs to deliver your story, speak with your voice, and, above all, be appealing and easy to use. 

Based on buyer journey mapping, you will be able to identify these touchpoints, and optimise and develop them. 

We can help you with:  

  • designing the experience of every touchpoint. 
  • website, web app and web shop development. 
  • configurators and other self-service tools. 

Appealing and engaging content 

You will need appealing and relevant content for every touchpoint. 

We can help you to develop valuable, engaging content tailored to each stage of the buyer's journey  and distribute it through the appropriate digital channels. We can help you with expert articles, 3D visualisations, videos and webinars​. 

We are known for our visual effects (VFX) knowledge: 3D from photoreal to any illustrative style, product images and animations, interactive content, and gamification with Unity, Unreal, HTML, PowerPoint, E(X)tended (R)eality XR, AR/VR and metaverse solutions.



Leverage technology for personalisation 

You need to be able to collect data about your potential customers, so that you can provide personalised content and actions along the way. This requires a digital ecosystem where all the tools and systems are integrated, and data is being collected about the customers. 

We can help you with: 

  • data and analytics: data cleansing, technical implementation, data visualisation and data analyses.  
  • CRM and marketing automation audits, setup, and development.
  • personalised buyer journeys with AI-powered sales tools. 

Embrace the change

Digitalisation is not a one-time project but an ongoing process of improvement and adaptation to new technologies and changing customer expectations. Staying customer-focused, leveraging the right technology, and fostering a culture of innovation and agility are key to successfully digitalising the buyer's journey in a B2B environment. 

We will help with embracing the change: 

  • change management: develop a change management plan to support the transition to digital processes and ensure organisational alignment. 
  • employee training: provide training for employees to adapt to new digital tools and processes. 

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