Accelerating growth through customer-centric improvements

We helped Shipit accelerate their growth by increasing engagement and retention. Organic traffic, the main source of new business registrations, almost doubled in the first six months.

The need

Shipit is a Finnish company that brings all transport services to one address. Their easy plug-and-play solution makes sending packages easy and hassle-free. Shipit serves thousands of businesses every day, from listed companies to online stores, associations and individual customers.

When we started talking in summer 2022, Shipit was looking to accelerate its growth and expand internationally. With a great product and a considerable amount of new customer intake, the company was ready to take its business to the next level. 

The solution

Shipit was a great example of a company perfectly positioned for growth marketing: a great, scalable product, already validated in the market, clear customer segments and stable operations.

Now they needed to make their solutions more approachable and interesting to their core audiences to attract more customers. We stepped in to build a strong growth marketing foundation for sales and upcoming internationalisation.

We started by looking into every stage of the customer journey to identify growth bottlenecks and opportunities. The study enabled us to create a growth strategy that focused on improvements within: digital campaigns, website performance, content strategy, onboarding process and email automation.

Mapping the customer journey for an optimised content plan

Based on learnings from video interviews with Shipit’s customers, we mapped the customer journey and set up more efficient targeting. Defining unique selling points helped create better and more relevant content. We also identified what was missing from the current offering, which enabled Shipit to improve retention.

We created a customer-oriented content plan and SEO optimisation strategy that resonated precisely with Shipit’s customer needs, challenges, pains and mode of work. The content guidelines were based on keyword research and customer interviews. Using the interviews, insightful customer stories were created for Shipit’s website. Keyword research helped identify the best opportunities and optimise landing pages and content.

Increasing ROI for advertising and improving onboarding

The optimised content strategy also helped improve paid advertising campaigns. We were able to create better landing pages for the campaigns, then deliver more targeted and engaging content to our audience to improve click-through rates and conversion rates. Tracking crucial conversions such as registrations provided the data to allocate ad spend to the best-performing campaigns, which increased ROI, especially through Google Ads.

Shipit’s onboarding experience for new business customers was significantly improved thanks to better email automation. Setting up feedback loops and gathering data on customer needs and preferences enabled us to tailor email communication to better address specific pain points and provide more relevant help and content. Net Promoter Score (NPS) monitoring was introduced to gauge customer satisfaction.

We also helped Shipit build brand awareness through webinars and PR activities that kept them on top of current events in the industry, such as Christmas time shipments or transport company strikes.

The results


Our work with Shipit made the approach to their marketing efforts more customer-centric and optimised, which has increased engagement, retention, and ultimately, business growth. Organic traffic, the main source of new business registrations, almost doubled in the first six months.

The improvements to their content, email automation and advertising campaigns as well as the efforts to build brand awareness have helped Shipit better connect with its target audience and stand out in the highly competitive logistics industry. These are exhilarating times for Shipit, and we are excited to continue our journey together, using our expertise and innovative strategies to unlock new growth opportunities and drive the brand’s success to new heights.

“I have been more than satisfied with the work. All the way from the first phone call, I had a feeling that I wanted to work with this team. Energetic people who do what they promise and achieve great results even in the short term.”

Minna Laaksonen
Marketing Specialist