Solibri - marketing automation

Using HubSpot has made co-operation with the company's international sales
partners more effective and helped trial conversions to 150% growth.

The need

Our customer, Solibri, a Finnish design software manufacturer for the construction industry, wanted to enhance its digital marketing to support the company's ambitious growth strategy. As software trials are one of the key digital sales tools used by the company, our aim was to generate high quality sales leads for its network of international sales partners.

The solution

A web data audit showed a large amount of traffic to Solibri’s website, which indicated of enormous potential and international interest.

Marketing automation provides the company with an efficient platform to orchestrate and measure multichannel marketing, and to improve alignment between marketing and sales.


Solibri chose HubSpot as its marketing automation software, through which it has been able to enhance lead generation and nurturing.

HubSpot has also enabled Solibri to manage different marketing processes such as email marketing, social media and advertising through digital channels — on a single platform.

Lead scoring is used to rank sales leads and efficiently identify the ones with the greatest potential. HubSpot is integrated with Solibri’s partner portal (built on Salesforce), where leads can be directly routed to the corresponding sales partners in different countries.

The results

Website conversion optimisation helped turn the high number of website visitors into identified trial users more efficiently. HubSpot then provided the means for more personalised and efficient trial user engagement. A nurture program based on each trial user’s behaviour and language region serves to remind and educate the user on how to use the software


  • 150%growth in trial conversions
  • 5,1%conversion rate from website visitors to trial registrations

Customer feedback

"Valve’s professionalism, fast response time, and can-do attitude makes them a pleasure to work with. They truly excel in problem-solving and building a digital solution that drives and measures sales in every stage of the funnel."

Russell Anderson, Brand & Marketing Director, Solibri